Remember Remember the 9th of November (Part 3)

Remember Remember
The 9th of November
The covenant treason and plot
I know of reason
Why the gravemind led treason
Should ever be forgot

Of the apparition?
Gravemind, the beast
The most vile edition
2552 his slumber was ceased
The covenant, with erudition
From his sleep, released

For many years
He slept quite deep
And all of the flood wandered
Like wayward sheep
But with their tools so crude
The covenant did sweep
The contents of Delta
And broke his sleep

Arriving like a friend
To the heroes we knew
But a conniver was he
And away he flew
For he found a chariot
In the sky so high
Aimed at humans and covenant
His conquest was nigh

The questions were many
But the answers were too few
Cortana was captured and
Chief knew what he must do

Gravemind’s mistake was large
Due to a question unsought
About the unbreakable promises of John
And the vengeance t’will be wrought

But where was Cortana?
In the heart she did lie
Behind wave after wave
Of flood who would try
With the face of the grave
To sway the chief’s eye
But nothing would prevent
Him from reaching her si’e

The two reunited
Had a plan to succeed
But first must surmount
A treacherous path to be freed

To the sky they did rise
Into a place from the past
Completing 343’s goal
At last, at last

Fired too early
The ring would be destroyed
Red glows his eye
For Spark’s now annoyed

Friends were lost
Johnson, the crew
A race against time
Before the ring went kablew

In the end they had won
But at what cost?
Gravemind was gone
But they have been lost

I feel they do not mind
For together they will be
And remember what he said:
“Wake me, if you need me”

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Halo Day
And I hope to see you all soon playing Halo CE Anniversary 🙂

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