A new Beginning and MORE LIVES (Well an ExtraLife)

Hey Spartans,
I know it has been a while But I have returned and boy do I have stories for you all of my travels
but business first: EXTRA LIFE 2011 Raise money for the children
Donate here if you like: goo.gl/wPCVs

I will be playing SWAT and Attempting SLASO (no blind)

so if the children’s hospitals aren’t worth it use it to dull the pain SLASO will inflict on my life

Streams will be posted tomorrow

USTREAM of the game
public google hangout for viewing me and chatting


again DONATE! 🙂

STREAMS : http://goo.gl/TSoHd ( game-ustream)
PEOPLE: http://t.co/HltHkXOW (Google Hangout)
Team info:The Sanctum
FurySamurai is Forza4’ing all day
and Britton will be experiencing the Trials of Drake’s Uncharted adventures.