Remember Remember the 9th of November [2014]

Remember Remember the 9th of November
The Didactian Treason and plot
I know of no reason why the Forerunner’s treason
Should ever be forgot

But What of the Fore?
I know his name was Shadow of Sundered Star
and he was(is?) the Ur-Didact
The most feared warrior of all the Forerunners

War and protection were his charge
Peace and creation those of his mate
An unlikely couple were they
Bathed in blood of the Milky Way

The sickness Struck
Their most challengine foe
Causing a war
That we all still “know”

A plague it spread
From Pet to Master
Fear and Dread
A coming disaster

Run and hide
The hominids did try
But encroach upon Ecumene
without chance to redeem

A war was started
The Didact would win
but what would result
Except the death of his kin

The secret to victory
did die with his foe
as they explained
that he’d never know

Sleep he would
for many millenia
Til the sickness returned
A scourge in memoria

The shields were off limits
The swords were prepared
to wipe the slate clean
whilst filled with despair

Sleep once more
Til The covenant fell
and awake would he
To commence a new war

Remember Remember the 9th of November (Part 3)

Remember Remember
The 9th of November
The covenant treason and plot
I know of reason
Why the gravemind led treason
Should ever be forgot

Of the apparition?
Gravemind, the beast
The most vile edition
2552 his slumber was ceased
The covenant, with erudition
From his sleep, released

For many years
He slept quite deep
And all of the flood wandered
Like wayward sheep
But with their tools so crude
The covenant did sweep
The contents of Delta
And broke his sleep

Arriving like a friend
To the heroes we knew
But a conniver was he
And away he flew
For he found a chariot
In the sky so high
Aimed at humans and covenant
His conquest was nigh

The questions were many
But the answers were too few
Cortana was captured and
Chief knew what he must do

Gravemind’s mistake was large
Due to a question unsought
About the unbreakable promises of John
And the vengeance t’will be wrought

But where was Cortana?
In the heart she did lie
Behind wave after wave
Of flood who would try
With the face of the grave
To sway the chief’s eye
But nothing would prevent
Him from reaching her si’e

The two reunited
Had a plan to succeed
But first must surmount
A treacherous path to be freed

To the sky they did rise
Into a place from the past
Completing 343’s goal
At last, at last

Fired too early
The ring would be destroyed
Red glows his eye
For Spark’s now annoyed

Friends were lost
Johnson, the crew
A race against time
Before the ring went kablew

In the end they had won
But at what cost?
Gravemind was gone
But they have been lost

I feel they do not mind
For together they will be
And remember what he said:
“Wake me, if you need me”

Part2: The 9th of November
Part1: Remember Remember the 9th of November

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halo Day
And I hope to see you all soon playing Halo CE Anniversary 🙂

My submission for HBO’s I’m too poor for Noble Map Pack

Here goes nothing (Enjoy 🙂 ):

Well you see there I was walking down this long metal corridor holding everything I owned and all of my monetary wealth in this large sack. After going down this winding path for a while I decided to take a random left. I took this left for a few reasons: I was bored of walking straight, there were explosions and alarms going off around me, and there were these weird brownish balloon shaped creatures skittering around the floors. I end up following this path for what feels like a mile until I come to this dead end. Great. But there was this weird creature about 4 feet tall and had this environment suit on that had a point about a foot above his head. He kept grunting and talking about this food nipple. Now I was feeling rather parched and famished so I made a deal with him. We would both meet outside the vessel about a 1.5 to 2 miles away. He offered to even take my bag for me as long as I paid for most of the food. I said yes and he agreed, well grunted a bit I think that was him agreeing. Anyway I leave the bag and begin running back the way I came.

When I get back to the main path this big cat like vehicle comes racing up. I take a risk and run to the other side of the path. I jump and land holding on to the passenger side of the car. There is this giant green man with a gold visor driving. I don’t know who taught him to drive but damn. HE HIT SO MANY OF THOSE BROWN THINGS! (I’ll skip a few boring parts) We get to the end of the drivable area and he begins running towards this ship. SHIT BE BLOWING UP EVERYWHERE. He gets to the ship, and DOESN’T WAIT for me, he just takes off. Good riddance, I still need to find that grunt.

I jump out of the bay window, and sprint towards this person I see in the distance, I think it’s that grunting thing. I get there and the DAMN CREATURE isn’t there, instead I see this sergeant and this tall alien like creature with backward knee-caps having a love in. What. The. Hell.

Next thing I know the vessel explodes and I never see that grunt again. I get knocked out and when I come to everyone and everything is gone. Now I’m floating through space on a random piece of land and have no idea where all my stuff is.

TL;DR: Got swindled by a grunting thing promising everlasting sustenance from a nipple of food, he takes my stuff, never returns it, disappears and a ship detonates sending me careening through space.

This is why you should select me for the noble map pack. What else do I have to do? I’ll just be floating over here, through space, alone.



The 9th of November

Brothers to the end

Remember, Remember (part 2)

Remember Remember the 9th of November
The Covenant Treason and Plot
I know of no reason why the Covenant Treason
Should ever be forgot

But what of the Eli’e
I know his name was Thel ‘Vadam
and Arbiter was he

In 2552 with blades of blue
The prophets, they would see
Just what he could do

What started out
as an honour so high
Ended by watching
his brothers die, die, die

With vengeance he would fight
for all Sanghelli kind
after a brief meeting
with the flood’s Gravemind

A civil war he would lead
While the covenant divides
With Hunters Unggoy and Sanghelli
All Standing by his side

A Demon in his camp
Gravemind in their vision
The ark’s destruction
was a simple decision

The destruction of the ring
caused one to reminisce
but at the end of this track
was a jump they could not miss

The ship was split
The flood, ablaze
But what of the demon
Left floating in the craze

The memorial service began
the desert winds were breezy
for the death of this demon
Thel thought: “Were it so easy.”

~SPOSpartan104 (11/08/2010)
© SPOSpartan104 😛

Thank you Bungie, Microsoft, 343 Industries, for giving us all the wonder that is Halo 🙂

(Part 1)

It’s nearly that time again :)

Halo day approaches.
Are you ready?! Sadly I may not be able to celebrate like I usually do.
So I leave it up to all of you.Make this november 9th special by destroying as many covenant as possible.

I will be making another post shortly after midnight, with a little surprise. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂


Rules for tomorrow

1 person from each 2 person team must be playing at all times.

1 5 minute break allowed per 30 minutes in order to protect health/ sanity.

The breaks can be saved up for one 20 minute break.

We will break for food occasionally, above rules still apply.





Tune in tomorrow @ 8am to begin the shenanigans


Team Red and Blue
Halo Reach (4 player)
Halo 1 (2 teams of 2)

First team to complete Halo 1 plays Halo 2
Second Team plays Halo ODST

Both Teams meet back up for 4 player Halo 3

Fragging Aliens for Charity

Fellow Spartans,
I interrupt the (ir)regularly scheduled shenanigans to invite you to help me with a charitable cause. I have signed up for Extra Life.
Here’s a quote from their site ( ).

Welcome to Extra Life, an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help heal sick kids at your local children’s hospital. It’s never been this much fun to do this much good.
This year’s event begins at 8:00am in your local time zone on October 16th, 2010. Each of our participants is currently raising money by recruiting at least 4 sponsors to give $1.00 for each hour of the marathon (that’s $24.00 per sponsor).
I have signed up for a lofty goal of $1,170.00 for Boston’s Children Hospital :). A few friends will be joining myself and we will be marathon Halo for 24 hours. The current plan is a rush through on coop Normal through Halo Reach -> Halo 1 -> Halo 2 -> Halo 3. Reach and 3 will be 4 player coop and 1,2 will be 2 sets of 2 player coop. Our team will webcast the event and any ensuing shenanigans because I am sure Halo 3 will be a BSAngel surprise (Read as: team killing heaven) due to the exhaustion and caffeine taking over :P. I hope you will take your time, and open your wallets 😉 to a good cause.

Donate here: Donate To Fred


If you want to see how the team is doing check this page and feel free to donate to the others! 🙂

Fred  – SPOSpartan104
Goal: 1170.00

Pat   – FurySamurai72
Goal:  200.00

Steve – Zeux
Goal:  500.00

Thanks for your time,

Diamonds post will be delayed….Due to REACH

It is out. I am home. Time to play:P Enjoy some of my pictures from tonight!

(Also I was interviewed for WayPoint I’ll let you know if I make it into a video:) 🙂 )
Why yes i do want to play #haloreach:) minutes ago via Twitpic

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REACH. It’s almost here

Reach is upon us!

The day we have all waited so patiently for.

I know it has been a while since my last update, I was being followed *shifty eyes*.

My next post was supposed to be me revealing the diamonds I found in my xbox. After the video was made shady characters began following me smelling a lot like manly people who bathe in Old Spice… Therefore I have been reluctant to post it. It will be made public tonight while they are distracted with the Launch of REACH.

Speaking of which!

Join me later for an unboxing and the my revelation upon opening my Box of X. As well as the video of my diamond search!

Stay Tuned Spartans,

The Beta Ends but the Fun continues on

The beta ended today but by no means does that mean the fun will ever cease:P.


Feel The Fear

Fear is a natural response


Samus got some bad plastic surgery


The elite's face says it all

Karate KICK!


Ready for battle

Prepare to fight

and let’s finish off this post with a fun video about Guarding

Don’t Touch Their (or my) Flag!

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

That’s all for now,

P.S. I’m going to start treating these posts like I use to treat my meeting notes from Competitive Video Game Club
Therefore the image of the day is: