So I have been putting this post off for a little while.

I unlocked a new achievement

Worst part of all. It was right before GRIFBALL WEEKEND :(. If you didn’t notice my unusual lack of chatter this past GrifBall weekend. Also before anyone says “But Fred just use your extended warranty!” In which I respond with my metal coated fist, “My Xbox360 is 3.36 years old therefore It will cost me $100 to get it fixed”
What shall I do with my non Halo time? I’ll tell you what. I am going to increase the content here. What will this new content be? Well it has to do with my Xbox. I am going to perform a case mod while I attempt to fix it. This will be a slow process.

You may ask: “But Mr. 104 why would you mod your xbox”
To which I humbly reply: “Three simple words: BECAUSE I CAN”

expect the preliminary drawings next week 🙂
Free Stickers to the first 3 people to guess what will be on my Xbox. Respond in the Comments 🙂


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