Yet I shall awaken memories of Love and Crime and Death

That time again. Just over a week before I hit the road once more. Brain is already in archive mode; Reviewing and replaying the last 2-4 years as well as “greatest” hits from other dwellings and lives.

I assume it’s not unlike when someone sorts through predigital photos in a shoe box, or someone goes through the card in a camera that hasn’t been emptied for a while. Flashes of funny, somber, intriguing, and educational moments. Nits driving me to recall and explore past moments. Whilst sorting these events into their perspective storage arrays you must rearrange what’s there, hence the rehashing of important events.

It’s always interesting the events and people it latches upon, especially from the “hits”. Some of whom were naught but a spec in the time stream but their ripples are felt like tidal waves. Those who were around for weeks or months that left waves like boulders and those with prolonged interaction that were but pebbles.

One of the few quotes that comes to mind of course is [commonly misattributed to Einstein]: “Sitting with a pretty girl for an hour seems but a minute; sitting on a hot stove for a minute seems an hour.”

I’ve never been one for time continuities, as any of the select few who’ve known me best could elaborate, which is probably why memories perpetually feel fresh and illusory.

“You will not remember what I show you now, and yet I shall awaken memories of Love and Crime and Death”

Time for a walk and some music, starting with GodModule – False Pretense:

So I have been putting this post off for a little while.

I unlocked a new achievement

Worst part of all. It was right before GRIFBALL WEEKEND :(. If you didn’t notice my unusual lack of chatter this past GrifBall weekend. Also before anyone says “But Fred just use your extended warranty!” In which I respond with my metal coated fist, “My Xbox360 is 3.36 years old therefore It will cost me $100 to get it fixed”
What shall I do with my non Halo time? I’ll tell you what. I am going to increase the content here. What will this new content be? Well it has to do with my Xbox. I am going to perform a case mod while I attempt to fix it. This will be a slow process.

You may ask: “But Mr. 104 why would you mod your xbox”
To which I humbly reply: “Three simple words: BECAUSE I CAN”

expect the preliminary drawings next week 🙂
Free Stickers to the first 3 people to guess what will be on my Xbox. Respond in the Comments 🙂


Elephant Vortexing (Cold Fusion pt 2)

Currently I am at PAX so I am going to make this a quick update and allow the video to speak for itself. Cold Fusion pt 3 will explain a bit more of this hilarity. Enjoy the video 🙂
~SPOSpartan-104 / Professor Fred

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