PAX Day 2 Recap part 1

PAX Was absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a better first Convention

So rather than bore you all with the details that you  have been hearing from everywhere I’ll give a quick recap:)

On Saturday I spent a load of time in the Expo Center spending money Woohoo ! 🙂 (<$100 but well spent!)
(finally own all of the RVB dvds)
However on the way to the expo hall and other events we (myself and my group) found a line to get autographs from none other than WIL WHEATON!

The wait was about 1.5hours but the signature was acquired! I even got an autograph:)! (Pictures to be posted later. Need to get them from a friend’s camera)

There were more autographs received today but those will be getting their own post;) )

Next: Major Nelson’s Podcast!!
Hilarious! So much bickering :P. Everyone received avatar hoodies (Luckily I had mine a day early from thursday!) A couple other hoodies were given out, and Major Nelson even gave his hoodie to this little boy who could not have been more excited. The boy had been born with a birth defect and was allowed to be in public only recently, so this could not be more awesome.

After this it was food time. Mmmm Burito.
Next Part 2: Adam Sessler and HALO !(ITZ BACON!)


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