The (almost)last of my PAX posts

End of Pax East day 2
After what was described in my previous post I attended the event Adam Sessler and Hal Halpin talking games. This panel mainly consisted of discussions surrounding the industry, DMCA, piracy, and the ECA (Entertainment Consumers Association) Overall extremely interesting, and it was nice to see a non X play side of Sessler.

After all this I wandered around and stumbled across something awesome 16 player random map/game of Halo :), and I must say the enforcer in charge picked some great games one of the greats was NinjaBall with Hammers and Bruteshots. While playing I even ran into some old buddies to join me. My handle on the first box I was on was bacon therefore instead of death from above the battlecry was ITSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BACONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Very amusing:P

Day 3:

10:00 AM: Alien ware event. Beat their new portal level, receive(virtual) cake! and enter into a competiton. WIN!
10:30->11:30 Wander Expo receive autographs from all of Rooster Teeth:) (and a picture!)
11:30: Food
12:00-> Wait for XPLAY!
1:00 Have a blast at XPLAY then Autographs:)
I must say The entire xplay crew is even cooler in person. I could see Sessler being an awesome person to hang out with,as well as Blair. Of course Morgan is quite attractive in person.
Next up head and wait for closing ceremony.
OMEGATHON!: I have one thing to say. Team 2 sucked at mario, and contra.
The rest of closing was about 5 minutes!
Next for PHOTOS!!! Then more about the disappearing Elephant


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