PAX Day 2 Recap part 1

PAX Was absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a better first Convention

So rather than bore you all with the details that you  have been hearing from everywhere I’ll give a quick recap:)

On Saturday I spent a load of time in the Expo Center spending money Woohoo ! 🙂 (<$100 but well spent!)
(finally own all of the RVB dvds)
However on the way to the expo hall and other events we (myself and my group) found a line to get autographs from none other than WIL WHEATON!

The wait was about 1.5hours but the signature was acquired! I even got an autograph:)! (Pictures to be posted later. Need to get them from a friend’s camera)

There were more autographs received today but those will be getting their own post;) )

Next: Major Nelson’s Podcast!!
Hilarious! So much bickering :P. Everyone received avatar hoodies (Luckily I had mine a day early from thursday!) A couple other hoodies were given out, and Major Nelson even gave his hoodie to this little boy who could not have been more excited. The boy had been born with a birth defect and was allowed to be in public only recently, so this could not be more awesome.

After this it was food time. Mmmm Burito.
Next Part 2: Adam Sessler and HALO !(ITZ BACON!)


PAX East day 1

My update from the first day of PAX. I will Post about days 2 on day 3 and day 3 after it’s over:P

This is SPOSpartan-104 reporting from the first PAX EAST, and So far this seems to be
running efficiently and quite well and according to those that usually come here for Anime Boston and I must agree. Kudos to Gabe and Tycho for pulling what looks to be the best run entertainment con in Boston.
The events I hit were: Keynote (WIL WHEATON!), Organizing a Child’s play fund raiser (GO SEG!), and A LAMP Screening (a documentary of text adventures) I GOT STEVE MERETZKY’s AUTOGRAPH!!! ( If you don’t know who that is he is one of the forefather’s of the gaming industry. ) I would have attended more but frankly the lines were a bit much and this was my first con. I was not quite prepared for the 3hr waits.

By far the highlight of the day was the keynote speech by Wil Wheaton of which I took some notes from the first half hour:

To all those pandering pedantic politicians who talk about how indifferent, antisocial, and dangerous we are, We have grown so much that an annual gathering in just one city is not big enough to hold us.

I was going to start this speech with “I’m Wil Wheaton and Jack Thompson can suck my balls wicked hahd” and while it’s a moderately funny thing to say nobody gives a shit about Jack Thompson. Jack Thompson has been disbarred and he is as relevant as Jack Chick(ask your parents). Him and people like him were wrong about everything they thought about us. When someone yells at me and tells us how horrible we are I don’t feel stabby anymore and I can say “We disagree”. All 50000 of us who came to Boston, in March, in the snow to play games TOGETHER!

From a generation who wrote systems so ourr children wouldnt have to.
The next 72 hours this is our time

” This was a keynote full of win.

It was great to see some friends of mine doing their talks. Great Job Seg (@theSeg) on the Child’s play panel and Jason Scott (  “GET LAMP” was awesome, and I cannot wait to buy it when it’s finished.

On another fun note of the day: Even New England wanted to make PAX interesting so just as New England does it went from being 60 on Thursday to snowing today(friday)! Oh New England You show those out of towners how we roll.

Before I end this post one last thing about the keynote that I would like to share with you, and if anyone posts it online I highly recommend watching it: Wil Wheaton finished off the keynote with a series of gaming references to show the range of gamers at this con. My Personal favorite was the first one “It is very dark” (You are likely to be eaten by a grue.)

Today was a great day and as I am sure you can tell so much has gone on that I can’t keep my thoughts straight. Thank You PAX!


“Wil Wheaton When he rides a bike, he makes the pedals go.”