Halo Reach Beta Day 1

All I have to say is: WIN.

First game of the night: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/GameStats.aspx?gameid=788692&player=EmprAnimalistic

+13 in my first match of reach I can deal with that. :). The rest of the night I ended up averaging out as I tried to get the feel for each weapon. I am about to start up the game for the night but before I do I wanted to note 2 things.
1. We are thinking of doing a ustream of the beta for a day, or two, or several. Let’s see if there is interest 🙂
2. Watch out for this elite he looks angry:

Charging my laserEnjoy and may the bullets fly true in all of your Beta madness!

~S.P.O. Spartan-104

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