The 9th of November

Brothers to the end

Remember, Remember (part 2)

Remember Remember the 9th of November
The Covenant Treason and Plot
I know of no reason why the Covenant Treason
Should ever be forgot

But what of the Eli’e
I know his name was Thel ‘Vadam
and Arbiter was he

In 2552 with blades of blue
The prophets, they would see
Just what he could do

What started out
as an honour so high
Ended by watching
his brothers die, die, die

With vengeance he would fight
for all Sanghelli kind
after a brief meeting
with the flood’s Gravemind

A civil war he would lead
While the covenant divides
With Hunters Unggoy and Sanghelli
All Standing by his side

A Demon in his camp
Gravemind in their vision
The ark’s destruction
was a simple decision

The destruction of the ring
caused one to reminisce
but at the end of this track
was a jump they could not miss

The ship was split
The flood, ablaze
But what of the demon
Left floating in the craze

The memorial service began
the desert winds were breezy
for the death of this demon
Thel thought: “Were it so easy.”

~SPOSpartan104 (11/08/2010)
© SPOSpartan104 😛

Thank you Bungie, Microsoft, 343 Industries, for giving us all the wonder that is Halo 🙂

(Part 1)

It’s nearly that time again :)

Halo day approaches.
Are you ready?! Sadly I may not be able to celebrate like I usually do.
So I leave it up to all of you.Make this november 9th special by destroying as many covenant as possible.

I will be making another post shortly after midnight, with a little surprise. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂


Remember, Remember, the 9th of November

Remember Remember the 9th of November
The Covenant Treason and Plot
I know of no reason why the Covenant treason
Should ever be Forgot
But what of the man?

I know his name was John, Spartan-117
He was the Master Chief
And in 2552
He would show all the covenant
What this Demon could do
While he speckled that ring
with purple and blue

The ring was a wreck,
The armada destroyed.
Leaving a spark of guilt,
Extremely annoyed

He took his Blue lady and away they flew
Many months before Gravemind
Claimed that he knew, he KNEW!

But in the end, the war was won
with lost daughters
And many a lost son
but one who was not lost
but simply adrift
with a partner who spoke
with a tone as soft as a kiss

They floated on by that large blue disc
While we all wondered WTF IS THIS

I hope you all have a Happy, Frag Filled, Halo Day

Sincerely Everyone’s Second Favorite Spartan,
~SPOSpartan104 – Fred

© SPOSpartan104 :P