Good News Bad News

Bad News! We are coming to a close on the Halo Reach Beta. Hell of a game huh? 🙂

Good News! My Bungie pro is now working. Expect to see a few interesting vids and a ton of screenshots up here soon. I will be scraping as much as I can off of my file share before the beta closes.

That is all.
As a reward for reading this post I give you an elite imitating his favorite video game character.

He swears he only likes her for her Assets

Lack of posts about reach

So I know I promised videos and screenshots however I have ran into a few snags on the video end, I bought bungie pro but it has yet to propagate to my acct. I will be taking this up on another end so until that happens enjoy this one grabbed from one of Bunige’s most recent updates.

A great use for armor lock:

Armor Lock Beats Banshee