The Beta Ends but the Fun continues on

The beta ended today but by no means does that mean the fun will ever cease:P.


Feel The Fear

Fear is a natural response


Samus got some bad plastic surgery


The elite's face says it all

Karate KICK!


Ready for battle

Prepare to fight

and let’s finish off this post with a fun video about Guarding

Don’t Touch Their (or my) Flag!

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That’s all for now,

P.S. I’m going to start treating these posts like I use to treat my meeting notes from Competitive Video Game Club
Therefore the image of the day is:

The Sanctum is calling

Welcome to The Spartan’s Sanctum.
This is a place for all Spartan’s* to relax,train, and above all enjoy themselves.

A place to discuss the finer things in life: The tink of a grenade, the hammering of the Grif, and of course the translucent women with their voices forever in our heads.

This is a place I have been wanting to make for quite sometime. I finally had time to begin work on it and I hope whoever you are will enjoy this place I have set up (with some help of course).
Thank you,

*If you are reading this it most likely means you